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Essential 3D House Design Elements to Add a Rustic Look

Adding a rustic look to your home design gives it the much needed cozy, warm, and homely feeling.

Rustic interior 3D house design services are the perfect way to enhance the beauty of materials, that do not create a fuss in terms of design.

The central element of a rustic design tends to focus on the concept of making the best of what you have.

Whether you can work with the traditional cornice or ceiling beams.

taking the house back to where it started will allow you the best chance to obtain that rustic look.

In this blog, we will take a look at all the essential elements that make up for a rustic feel, for 3D house design services.

  • Low Wooden Beams:

One of the best ways to add rustic essence to your 3D house design. is to introduce the presence of low-lined wooden beams by the ceiling.

You can further enhance this look by adding in wooden and furry textures to the décor.

Use a plush-white rug, warm/earthy cushion colors, and do not forget that soft blanket for the sofa.

To make your 3D render more realistic, you can also place a steaming cup of coffee by the center-table to give the onlooker a feeling of being a part of the design.

To add another layer of that cozy feel, you can either go with wooden wall panels or the brick style wall.

  • Wooden Floor with Wide Planks:

When it comes to incorporating a 3D house design services with a rustic style, you cannot skip the popular hardwood floors.

But, remember that they shouldn’t look anything like the wooden floors found in every American household.

In order to add more contemporary essence to your 3D render, you need to add in wide-frame wooden planks to the scenario.

Given their solid and simple appearance, they cater to an automatically intuitive appearance for the décor of your rustic-style home.

Look for swirling patterns for the wooden planks. This introduces a natural geometric to the overall feel of the home.

  • Make it cozy with a fireplace:

Just like camping isn’t complete without the presence of campfire, the creation of a rustic-style render for 3D house design services is impossible without having an inviting fireplace.

In order to give your render a modern yet unique look, you need to pick elements that are natural and visually weighty like rock, stone, or bricks.

In addition, you need to add in a chunky and thick mantelpiece.

This results in the creation of a striking and inviting fireplace which serves as the focal point for the entire 3D house design render.

FYI, outdoor fireplaces would also work perfectly if you are designing your exterior renders.

  • White Walls:

If you just cannot gel the wood-work into the rustic interiors, you don’t have to fret.

White is a color that never fails you. This fabulous alternative gives you access to a blank canvas that can be worked in various ways.

To create the rustic look desired from your 3D house design services.

White walls can be fresh, bright, and even incredibly versatile.

Remember, not being able to incorporate the wooden panels into the wall doesn’t mean your design cannot be rustic.

Get your goals with white painted walls that could later be decked with décor elements that are similar to wood in look and feel.

  • Natural/Neutral Color Palette:

Obviously, as a designer, you understand that nature has a fair collection of vibrant and bright colors that look simply gorgeous and mesmerizing.

However, if you are attempting a stereotypical rustic style, it is great to go with the muted tones in nature.

Imagine your home design 3D renders with a rich brown texture of mud with furniture that is sand-colored. And, do not forget to include those pine-green tints from nature.

These natural, neutral hues do not just soothe the entire look, but also help you create masterpieces with Mother Nature as inspiration.

With this color palette, you can achieve the attention of your client who is in need of rustic-inspired 3D house design services.

  • Solid Fabrics:

In order to achieve a perfectly rustic style for your home design 3D, you have to keep in mind another element which is the fabrics to be incorporated into the overall décor design.

For a simple rustic look, prints can be a strict no-no.

You need to keep it all simple and go with solid colors that gel well with a simplistic backdrop.

Do not go for bold prints or anything that creates an unwanted distortion for the entire 3D render for interior decor.


With rustic designs for 3D house design services, you need to remember that simplicity is the key.

Every element in the design should complement each other.

Be it lighting, table stands, or lampshades; everything should reflect a minimalistic lifestyle that makes the best out of what is available.

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