How to make the client more satisfied!

If you are working as a freelancer you may be in a constant battle to make sure that your clients are extremely satisfied with the work you are providing. With improvements in client satisfaction you could potentially make more money and grow your list of contacts for future potential clients. Here are some top tips on how you can make your existing clients more satisfied:

Start treating customers like a boss: your clients are responsible for your business so it’s important to remain professional with them as much as possible. If you start to think of your clients just like a boss and you are buying for their approval in order to get promoted, it can change your perspective on client relations. Thank customers for their business, keep your promises and business and do what you can to over deliver in order to impress your loyal clients.

Establish a feedback system: if you can receive feedback on your work it’s possible that you could potentially improve for future clients. Consider sending out a survey or following your reviews on freelancing sites so that you can improve the quality of your work.

Work on customer loyalty: dropping your most valuable customers a line from time to time is important. Do what you can to remember birthdays, to connect with them regularly and to make yourself available to them for emergency requirements.

Look at your customer experience: consider the way that your customers connect with you, the way that they potentially order your services and how your services are competitive with others in your market. If you are not offering some type of advantage, easy checkout system, expert quality work or improved communication your customer experience could be lacking.

Deliver on time and deliver accurate work: this is one of the biggest aspects of keeping clients satisfied. If you set a deadline for a project, make sure to deliver on time and to submit only quality work. If a client has to consistently ask for revisions or have a deadline pushed back 2-3 times, you aren’t likely to get repeat business from that customer.

Keep some of these top strategies in mind to make sure that your clients are more satisfied with your work.